The Importance Of Animals For Food

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What does it mean to eat ethically? That’s what I was wondering, while I was trying to pick a question to write about. While I did research, I found out “means you strive to make educated decisions about your food choices and the impact such choices have on our community, animals, and our environment, and then you strive to reach the best conclusion for YOU” According to this blogger named Caitlin. I’m not a vegan, and I eat meat however, I don’t eat red meat I eat white meat and also I care how my meat is treated before it was slaughter. Sometimes I don’t eat meat at all. I debate with myself all the time, asking myself, is using animals for food is good or bad? That’s when my religion comes to help me make the right choose from an Islamic …show more content…
As I was reading I found myself agreeing more and more with Steiner’s “ Not Only for food, but as beasts of burden, as raw materials, and as sources of captive entertainment—which is the way animals are used in zoos, circuses, and the like” (Steiner’s, 198). I believe if you’re not going to use the animals for food, than you don’t have the right to use the animal to please yourself or others. In Islam, we don’t treat animals cruelly, or over-working them or neglecting animals, or hunting for sports, or cut their mane or tails, or use them for fighting sports or factory farming. Animals have the right to roam around freely, not to be healed somewhere for the good of humans. As I was reading Singer’s auricle, I came across an interesting question, “Animals eat each other, so why shouldn’t we eat them?” In Islam, Muslims are not allowed to eat animals that eat other animals, that’s forbidden. Because Islam forbidden anything that harms the human body. Pork for example, pork is forbidding because Pigs have NO neck that makes it difficult to be slaughtered the Islamic way by the insert of a knife in the neck and therefore getting purged of the blood, which holds a plenty of uric acid, a toxic chemical material that can be harmful to human health. Another question I asked myself, if …show more content…
Where I came from, it’s important to know how the animals that I’m eating have been treated before it was slaughter, and the environment they used to live in. Where they treated humanely? Where they giving organic food? “we have been trained by a history of thinking of which we are scarcely aware to view non-human animals as resources we are entitled to employ in whatever ways we see fit in order to satisfy our needs and desires” (Steiner’s, 198). The more I think about, the more I believe using animal for food is not a good ethical choose. I am not a vegan, I eat meat, I don’t hunt animals, and I believe animals should be treated humanely. Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him), cursed anyone we made a living thing into a target of

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