Gary Steiner's Article: Sacrificing Animals For Humans

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Sacrificing Animals for Humans
Gary Steiner, a Philosopher, author and Professor at Bucknell University, wrote an article November 2009, in the New York Times entitled, “Animal, Vegetable, Miserable.” In the article, Steiner discusses how unethical he considers it to kill animals for human consumption. In addition to consuming animals, Steiner reports, it’s inhumane to use any products that were made from sacrificing animal lives. The article goes on to say, recently more and more people have become interested in where their meat originated from and how the animals were treated before they were killed. At the same time, others are concerned about whether the animals were fed harmful additives that would affect the health of customers who ate the animals. Nevertheless, Steiner is perplexed about people questioning if it’s immoral to kill the animals
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He uses strong emotional dialectal to get others to follow his way of life by saying, those that don’t live as he does are immoral human beings. If he had used factual information to provide support for his claims, he would have done a better job at persuading others to join his lifestyle. Instead, the writer offered the audience information he believes is correct from his own point of view. He wrote derogatory statements about those who place animals in captivity while he testified, he did the same thing with his domestic animal. Steiner has a broad view of what being ethical is and how people should act to be counted as ethical human beings. The author implies, humans that use products, meats or anything made from the sacrificing of animals are immoral people who must change to become moral like he is. I disagree with the author that it’s morally wrong to kill animals for human use because it’s acceptable in the Bible. Animals eat other animals for survival and humans are animals that do the same. Many of us eat animals

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