The Importance Of Animal Rights

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Humans, animals, plants and all kinds of creatures live in this planet relevant to each other in an established order. To maintain the order and to keep the planet habitable we are responsible for our actions against other creatures. This leads to the point that we have some moral obligations towards animals. To clarify, we as humans can not cause unnecessary pain that even Edwin Locke who is against animal rights agrees upon (Edwin Locke, 1). However, these moral obligations do not include meat eating which many of animal rightists strongly disagree on but indeed include not to have animal agriculture under very cruel conditions. There is a common sense in terms of dissenting gratuitous suffering towards animals among animal rightists as …show more content…
There are so many animal lovers around the world and they adopt cats, dogs, fish, birds and other kinds of animals to keep and look after in their houses. Of course they don’t adopt animals in order to harm them or to cause any pain but the important point here is that they restrict animals’ freedom by doing this. Whether it is good or bad for animals it is certain that it is against their rights as well as not suitable for their natural creation and environment. Besides there is no reasonable cause to adopt animals and keep them in small places which is against their natural way of living. Animal lovers tend to oppose any kinds of use of animals but they do not consider domestication as gratuitous which is not …show more content…
It is absolutely against our moral obligations towards animals and cannot be justified in any circumstances. I refer to animal agriculture which is being done in major cities with huge number of animals. They are being farmed in facilities which are certainly not sanitized. Big corporations stack animals in small places and even mutilate them in order to speed up the process of factory farming. While these are certainly inappropriate some animal rightists and vegetarians claim eating meat is not moral and it is included among unnecessary actions. Prof. Gary L. Francione is against animal agriculture and the use of animals in medical research. Francione states that to eat meat or animal products is indeed unnecessary and cannot be justified in any sense (Gary Francione,2). Well his statement regarding eating meat is not required and being unnecessary for humans is not correct. There are several evidences and arguments against this position regarding meat eating.
There is a certain fact that all animals have digestive system that related to their eating habits. An herbivore animal cannot digest meat if it is not omnivorous. People who claim we do not need meat for our diet is basically wrong on that point because we do have a digestive system that allows us to eat meat. Also with the fact that no parts of any human or animal body is useless, it is clear that we are created

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