Do People Face An Ethical Dilemmas?

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Many people face an ethical dilemma at least a few time in their life. These dilemmas could be very serious or just plain simple, however that does not mean there won't be any grievances. Any time a person faces an ethical dilemma, they are given different choices, whether it be between two choices or among several choices. And it may not be as simple as just choosing whichever one a person wants. When facing an ethical dilemma, the outcomes of each choice are not usually all going to be good. It it usually about making a choice that society would deem morally correct. “What constitutes ethical behavior is determined by societal or cultural norms. What constitutes moral behavior is up to the individual to decide based on his own sense of right and wrong”(Gonyea 1). Dilemmas can come in any form, for example a huge homework assignment that a student has put off until the last minute. …show more content…
It would not be a good idea for Becky to skip class, the instructor may inform the students of some valuable instructions on how to make their projects better before the actual due date. Not only could she miss out on information, she would be missing a whole class. Her instructor may have a rule that she can only miss so many class periods before she is dropped from the class. So if any kind of actual emergency arises, she may need that extra day, rather than waste it because of procrastination to do the assignment. Although it would be easier for her to skip class and have a few extra days to do her project, it would be better for her to try to get the majority of her project done before the “progress check”. If Becky rushes through her project and brings in at least something for her “progress check” then she will have an idea of what she wants her finished project to be. Even though she could possibly get a low grade because of the cruddy project, at current, she still wouldn't miss the whole class and possibly receive zero for the “progress

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