The Importance Of American Food And Fast Food

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Register to read the introduction… From the research I have carried out I discovered that American had a range of foods and traditions even though people may think that American cuisine is all about fast foods. I found out that American desserts are mostly made with apples e.g.; apple crumble and apple pie. I believe that the most well-known dish that everyone’s knows about because different countries have adapted it is the burger. America also has many fast food restaurants and grills. I have also chose to do American because people may think that American food is simple and quick to prepare but I wanted show then that even though it may be simple I wanted to use the skills I have learnt in the past to make my dish as well presented and as high skilled as possible. This led me to my conclusion. American cuisine is very popular even to different countries around the world from Asia to …show more content…
The first European discovery of and settlement in the Americas was by the Norse explorer Leif Ericson. However the colonization never became permanent and was later abandoned. The voyages of Christopher Columbus from 1492 to 1502 resulted in permanent contact with European (and subsequently, other Old World) powers, which led to the Columbian exchange. Diseases introduced from Europe and Africa devastated the Indigenous peoples, and the European powers colonised the Americas Mass emigration from Europe, including large numbers of indentured servants, and forced immigration of African slaves largely replaced the Indigenous Peoples. Beginning with the American Revolution in 1776 and Haitian Revolution in 1791, the European powers began to decolonise the Americas. Currently, almost all of the population of the Americas resides in independent countries; however, the legacy of the colonisation and settlement by Europeans is that the Americas share many common cultural traits, most notably the predominant adherence to Christianity and use of Indo-European languages; primarily Spanish, English, and Portuguese. More than 900 million people live in the Americas, the most populous countries being the United States, Brazil, and Mexico, the most populous

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