Airport Security Rituals

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Everyone who is anyone passes through airport security at some stage in their lives. This type of security acting as a requirement is understandable, since it is found in most public areas that involve the requirement for high security. This requirement arises from the precautions taken by the state in order to ensure that there is security available to counteract possible terrorist or any criminal attacks. There is a fine line that separates privacy and security from one another. This line is frequently tampered with through the airport security rituals that are undertaken in every airport, both domestic and international terminals. It is without doubt that airports are high-traffic areas, regardless of a person’s position in society, all are subject to its security rituals by the law (Mail Service 2012) . However, some people, as will be discussed throughout this essay, are subjected to it more than others. These airport security rituals consist of certain procedures that are run by airport security staff on any passenger waiting to either depart from the airport or arrive in the airport. These airport rituals question and interact with the role airports play in regards to mobility, invasion of …show more content…
There are different levels and forms of discrimination. Social inequality and racism are the two main forms. A person of a lower social class will be treated with less patience compared to a person that belongs to a higher social class (Sibley 1995; 106). This occurs in all airports of all countries. Meanwhile in some countries, a bribing system is present and well-known amongst passengers and airport staff, where those who have connections are able to glide through the airport security rituals with utmost ease and often simply not participating in them. However, all claims of social inequality aside, it is racial discrimination that frequently and somewhat methodically thrives in

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