Bart D. Ehrman Adoptionism Essay

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Three are some of God’s attributes that all Christians agree, a few of these are that he is divine, triune, eternal, and never changing. If you do not have these core beliefs you cannot claim to a be true Christian. The book by Bart D. Ehrman that is used in the Bible class at your school sounds like an interesting book that could give you a different viewpoint. You could read it so you can understand a non-believers perspective, but you need to realize what is being said in this book. There is a popular heresy that many have mistakenly believed called adoptionism. Adoptionism is that Jesus was born completely human, but he lived his life so well and did not sin, so God made him a part of God. This is not even what Ehrman is saying. He is saying that man imagined Jesus into God. Beginning with the first paragraph of this book preview we have a huge heresy, “crucified for crimes against the state.” He is saying that the reason Jesus was killed on the cross was because he did something to earn the punishment. …show more content…
He talks about how the disciples make Jesus their god and “they came to understand this claim in so many different ways.” There are certain dogmas in Christianity that must be believed to be of the Christian faith, but we also have many topics that we have varying views on that still fall into correct Christian belief. The Bible is not specific about a lot of different things that people have questions about. We can read the bible and make speculations or theories, but somethings we will just never fully understand until we reach heaven. As long as a theory does not go against the Bible it generally is allowed to be an accepted view point. Knowing that Jesus is fully God and fully humans is not one of the topics which we have an argument about. There are some theories about it, but these are heresies, not excepted

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