The Importance Of Action Research

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Action Research
The action research focuses on records which are information recorded detailing business activities and processes. Organizational records help HR monitor historic progress of businesses, staff performances, financial statements, deductible expenses and identify source of income. Through action research, HR focuses on retaining employees using critical mass to solve issues. Critical Analysis is needed in order to break down the root of problems. Attracting and retaining the best employees are highly recommended for HR. Likewise, choosing the best employees to help with organizational production is the first step using action research. When using the action research, it is important to build a culture of transparency between
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When employees are transparent about their performances, ideas and self then the organization can see some growth. When employees are transparent; leaders are able to help them more. For example, when employees are open about their inabilities within their cultural community; leaders can then build confidence and motivation as a result of transparency. Transparency has positive effects on behavioral integrity and trust within organizational communities (Palanski, Kahai & Yammarino, 2011). Transparency help attract the attention of employees. Employees like to be within an environment where they can be themselves. Through transparency, organizations can share visions about …show more content…
Building a healthy trusted environment can be another solution. Organizations ensure its employees are motivated, build trust and inspired to work hard by implementing appreciation. Leaders cannot show the same type of appreciation to all staff. Some employees like gifts, and some just like to be acknowledge. Creating a strong culture throughout the organization will help to attract and retain the best employees. In addition, leaders should continue encouraging and motivating staff to initiate changes. It is important to build a culture of transparency between leaders and employees. In order to inspire initiatives that maximize productivity, leaders should encourage their staff 's talents.
Having biweekly and quarterly meetings will help leaders address concerns of all employees. Employees within organizations become active in the system when leaders show care, needs and concerns. Leaders should consistently communicate and engage the employees in projects and build relationships. In addition, standards need to be clear and concise. Know and following the standards accordingly is a result of effective communication. Trust can foster collaboration and connection amongst

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