How To Attend College

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"There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs," and anonymous source once stated. This quote is very applicable in many real world life examples. One of the best ways to portray this is the entrance and acceptance into a higher level learning institute such as a college or university. There are many steps that have to be taken such as applying, writing essays, filling out scholarships, and being accepted. After that, you have to get all of your paperwork situated and the hefty payments made. One way to elevate yourself in the minds of the college admission office is to write an amazing essay discussing all of your amazing assets. Each and every student that enters college is unique in their own way and has experienced different …show more content…
Throughout my academic career, I have been able to find very many different interests in a variety of topics. Some of these subjects would be things like science, math, and speech. I would love to go into a career revolving around something related to science or law. I have greatly considered going into environmental law as I have very deep roots with conservative environmental factors. I have been involved in advanced classes since I was in elementary school. Once I reached high school, I found myself consumed in honors classes and AP classes. I have taken every single honors class or AP class offered. I have also taken other academic classes that add to my scholastic resume. Some of these are things such as accounting, Spanish, journalism, statistics, and criminal justice. I have been offered many learning opportunities in my time in high school. Another one of these opportunities is my ability to take college level courses at the expense of the high school. I would be able to greatly contribute to the college community through my academic interests as I am experienced. I have already been in several classes and I feel as though I could stand as a great example for many who are in need of guidance in college. I am very used to the college level rigor as many of my teachers have done an excellent job in preparing me for …show more content…
Similar to the many different classes I have taken, I have also been involved in many different school activities. This is also another thing that I am very well rounded in. I have participated in sports in my past such as volleyball and basketball. I have also managed wrestling and swimming as well. I have done academic activities as well, such as speech and debate and student council. I am also a part of the drama and state drama for technical events. I am also a key member of several clubs such as National Honors Society and W-Club. I would be greatly interested in doing student council in my college years and possibly debate depending on scholarship opportunities. These are all very valuable as I am able to get along with a variety of many students as all of my activities are very different from each other. I also have very good speaking abilities that allow me to feel confident in any public speaking I need to do. Thus, I would be able to easily communicate with the college with any concerns and with any roommates I possibly have. This would be very valuable for me to keep my agenda

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