Should Abortion Be A Socially Paid Procedure?

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Pregnancies are very exciting yet very stressful, to help this stress; ultrasounds are used as a tool to help identify any potential medical problems a newborn may have; however sometimes these tests fail and can cause the parents to upset and have second thoughts. A planned parenthood clinic received a phone call from previous patients; they were very upset because their baby was born with a cleft lip and they said that they would have aborted the baby had they known about this problem. The ultrasound they received failed to show this and resulted in the parents being very angry with the clinic. What should a person do if they have an unwanted pregnancy? Would it be wrong for them to have an abortion if the baby will be born with deformities …show more content…
Abortion due to defects or other medical issues is becoming less uncommon, and is getting bad attention: “We are doing our own soft eugenics before birth…. because of defects.” (L.A. Times- Scalia Supreme Court to rule on the most important abortion case in two decades). The abortion is being done because the parents are not happy with the child they will receive. The reason for the abortion is not a necessary reason and does not affect the life of the woman. Where abortions should only be subsidized or paid for by the government if it is unaffordable and if the pregnancy was caused by the situations of rape or incest.“It 's precious people will be marching for Is Abortion a Human Right?” (US News- Is abortion a human right?). The question is whether it is a human right not on how the operation will be paid for; and what qualifies as for the government to pay for the abortion. A baby having medical issues does not affect the mother 's medical well being at all, which the medical well-being of the mother does play a big role on if an abortion will be done. Today medical issues that unborn babies will be born with are becoming an even bigger reason for parents to decide to have an …show more content…
“The abortion wars in America are typically cast as a battle between choice and life” (source 2) The views on abortion have changed from black and white to more complex issues and reasons. Shows how the ‘wars’ are changing its direction. An abortion because of medical issues to the baby should not qualify as reasons for the government to fund an operation because, it is not life threatening, and if it was not caused by rape or incest. A family, for example, was about to have a baby and we 're excited until they found out about its potential problems: "The parents would have it aborted it if they knew about the cleft lip.” (source 1) A baby being born with a cleft lip does not affect the parents well being at all. Since a cleft lip does not affect the wellbeing of the mother any government aid should be provided because it is solely a preference decision. Some abortions may be necessary because of specific conditions, but because of a baby not meeting the desired checklist, should not be allowed to receive government aid on an abortion because it is a decision that was made because the parents would not be happy with the child they would have

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