The Importance Of A Veterinary Surgeon Essay

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Growing up, I had several pets. I was always drawn to animals, holding an unexplainable connection with them. Whenever I saw an animal, I would run to it, eager to pet and play with it. When told an animal was too dangerous to play with, I would run to it anyways, proving others wrong; as the animals would greet me with the same love and affection I had for them. On two separate occasions, I found lizards stuck on a sticky trap while still alive. This broke my heart to the fullest extent! With an urge to help them, I spent an entire evening gently and carefully freeing them from the traps. Once they were free, I bathed them with Summer’s Eve to rid them of the remaining adhesive, then set them free. After my second encounter with a lizard, I knew following the completion of college, I desired to be a veterinary surgeon. A veterinary physician, also known as a veterinarian or veterinary surgeon is a professional who practices veterinary medicine by treating disease, disorder, and injury in animals.
In my career field, I don’t have any figures that I look up to, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have large dreams of my own! Once I am fully established, I plan on opening my own affordable veterinary hospital. It will include a small wing for animals which will house them when the shelters become too full. With this, they will be provided with the opportunity to find a loving home to call their own. I plan on giving back to the community by donating animal care packages and free…

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