My Mom Changed My Life

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Since when I was about 3 years old my mom and my dad got divorced, and I ended up moving to another town with my mom to go live there. We lived by ourselves which made her a single parent. For my mom being a single parent wasn't easy, it was a real struggle for her financially but even though it was difficult for her to support us she still managed to do it. She did it because she wanted the best for me, she wanted me to have a good life growing up, and she wanted me to be successful later in life by providing me with a good living environment in which she did. When I turned 5 years old my grandma moved in with my mom and I because my grandpa had passed away. My grandma moving in with us was big help for my mom because when my mom would go to work she would leave me at day care but now my grandma was there to take care of me. …show more content…
My grandma moving in with us was a big benefit for me as a person because as I was growing up both my mom and her made sure that I grew up to be a good, kind, humble, and respectful person. As I went to school both my mom and grandma would always tell me everyday to respect my classmates and teachers and most importantly to behave. I was always told to never give up and to do my best in school and that is what I did and still continue doing till this day. At home I never saw any bad, there was no fights or arguments, everything was calm especially because I’m an only son. The main reason why my mom got divorced with my dad was because fighting and arguing between them was something that happened everyday and my mom didn't want me to grow up seeing that. Compared to some of my friends they have home problems because of their siblings or because of their parents arguing and fighting, and that really hurts them to

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