How I Changed My Life

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I was a good child that wanted to fit in when I was younger but that changed. Starting at the age of four, I wanted to be just like my friends. My friends were all older and therefore in my opinion, more glorious than I could ever be. My friends were also rebellious and did not like to be told what to do. I never was disobedient and rebellious like my friends that all changed in September of 2007,I changed in ways I wish I never had. On the 15th of September 2007 I went for a bike ride that changed the way my friends and family would think of me forever.

As a seven year old I worshiped my friends. I would do anything to be like my friends. In my perplexed seven year old mind that was the only way I could have friends. I followed my friends anywhere and did anything they did. When I was seven, my friends who were two to four years older all started learning to do tricks on their bikes. Being a deranged seven year old I also wanted to do the tricks. I had
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The whole time we were at the hospital my mother was drunk so she was holding my finger with the heart rate monitor on it and waving the finger singing this little light of mine which I did not find amusing at the time at least it wasn’t my broken arm. While all this singing was happening the hospital would not give me any pain medication because they wanted me to get my arm reset that night. We then ended up having to go back to the hospital the next day to have my arm rest, which I had to be put under anesthesia for and then have a cast put on. Being put under anesthesia was the most frightening thing i have ever done. Looking up at the doctors all standing above you while they put a mask over your face and tell you to count back from ten can be petrifying to a young child. I then had to go back every 3 weeks to get a new cast, which I ended up receiving four of

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