Senior Warrant Officer Essay

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1. Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to define what it means to be a Senior Warrant Officer. For that, I will use the Leader's Attribute to develop, what I believe, is and should be, a Senior Warrant Officer.

2. Introduction: To me, a Senior Warrant Officer is that person who has the qualities to motivate others by his example. He is a person who applies the Army Values and these can be seen through its execution. This person is loyal, has his own moral values, and, he's committed to his work, excels in everything he does, always does the right thing, and assumes risks prudently to execute the mission. To be a Senior Warrant Officer, you need to enforce this values so you can become a Mentor. Mentorship is important because it is part of creating better Warrant Officers. It’s the obligation and responsibility of every Senior Warrant Officer to ensure mentoring occurs. Mentoring also prepares fellow Jr. Warrant Officers for increased responsibilities as they progress in their careers. In this information paper, I'll use the Leader's Attributes (Character, Presence, Intellect, Leadership, Development, Achievement, and add a new one Diversity) to describe, in detail, what I believe, should be, a Senior Warrant Officer.

3. Facts:

a. According to ADP 6-22, a leader is defined as: “An Army leader is
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Senior Warrant Officers play an important role, because they are the figure that all Jr.s and future Warrants look up to follow. Leading by example is how they influence Soldiers of all ranks. The trajectory that our seniors in their careers have made them more approachable and easier for us to bring our problems to them. These attributes they have gained through their careers, have made them open to dialogue, and human respect. This is called Leadership. Seniors are those who do not need their rank to inspire. Only with their behavior, and their mere presence influences all of us. This is another of the major significance of becoming a Senior Warrant

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