Physical Activity And Nutrition Analysis

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According to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition, “only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week” and “Americans eat less than the recommended amounts of vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, dairy products, and oils.” ("Facts &," n.d.). Physical activity and nutrition are essential for good health. Physical activity has many health benefits including: managing weight, lowering blood cholesterol level, lowering blood pressure, reducing risk of heart attack, and feeling better ("Physical Activity," n.d.). Having a balanced diet also has many health benefits such as maintaining a healthy weight and reducing risk of chronic diseases ("Why Is It Important?," n.d.). In the following health …show more content…
The first reason is I do not have enough time to eat. Between school and work it is very hard to find time to eat some meals. This causes me to eat non-healthy food because it is easier to prepare. I would estimate that I only have approximately ten minutes to eat about half of my meals. Less time to eat also contributes to lack of caring about what I eat. I also have a poor diet because healthy foods seem to be more expensive. When I shop I usually buy the cheapest products. This mainly happens because I love saving my money. When I see foods that are expensive I just ignore them and buy the cheap stuff. I also only buy stuff that has a long shelf life. This is the main reason I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. My diet is also poor because I consume a lot of empty calories. As you can tell by my diet log I drink more than I should. My alcohol consumption loads my diet up with empty calories, therefore I am not getting the nutrition I need. The last reason my diet is less than stellar is because of my roommates’ influence. My roommates are avid supporters of non-healthy food and over the last three years of college this has rubbed off on me. Freshman year I found myself eating fairly healthy but now I rarely eat anything healthy. I do believe I can change my diet but I need to overcome the individual and social

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