Nutrition And Eating Habits

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Throughout the entire day I had lean protein with 2 out of 3 of my meals. I had none for breakfast, 2 servings of cut up chicken breasts for lunch, and one full serving of chicken for dinner. While doing this experiment I did not change anything about my eating habits and I believe this day was a pretty accurate depiction upon how I eat every day, and my main consumption of lean protein is chicken. I never predetermine my serving sizes because it never crosses my mind and I always just eat what I want, but randomly enough, based on my results I stuck to the norm for serving sizes for almost all of my food groups. I did not consume any splurge proteins, however quite often I do. I think the hardest part about eating lean protein every meal …show more content…
Ever since last year my roommate and I made a bet to stop drinking soda and lemonade, and ever since I have not felt like drinking either of them.

The most surprising things about my nutrition analysis was how good I was about eating healthy without realizing it. I was far from perfect, but I was so much better about eating than I thought I was going be. I completely followed my normal eating habits for all my eating habits, but normally I eat more snacks throughout the day. I thought it was important to keep to my normal habit for the sake of the experiment, but more importantly I was too lazy to go out of my way to eat perfectly healthy.

The only thing I had outside the foods list was I had two donuts in the morning. Usually around breakfast time is when I stray away from the foods I should be eating, like bagels, pop tarts, cereal, and donuts. I do this because it is easier to prepare the non-healthy foods compared to a healthy
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If I can focus on not skipping meals my nutrition should rise to where I want it because my problem isn’t with what I eat it’s if I eat. Another step I would take is to implement more vegetables into my diet, I find it hard getting veggies into my diet, and if I do get them in it’s often with a salad filled with other things. If I can add more veggies to my meals and I larger variety I should see a rise in nutrition as well. I would benefit from changing these because it give me a fuller and healthier diet filled with the proper nutrients I need to help me get where I want to go physically. I think it is easier to modify these steps into smaller increments like once or twice a week, but as long as I start somewhere hopefully I get the hang of things and it will come naturally just like when I quit drinking

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