Essay about The Importance Of A Nursing Home At My Mentorship

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Over the course of the last ten weeks, I have been shadowing a variety of nursing roles within a nursing home nearby for my mentorship. During this time I have followed a variety of nurses and other closely related roles in the nursing home. While each experience was fulfilling and enjoyable, I found a sort of home in the dementia unit at the facility. It is questionable as to why I had chosen this section, but I have come to realize that it may be because of the behavior that is observed in this section. Due to their dementia, many of the residents have fallen back into the behavior of a toddler. This mostly is visible through their inability to care for themselves and their speech. This is not to say that they cannot hold a mature or quality conversation, but to simply state that their speech has been inhibited by their dementia. For example, during my conversations with them they may repeat a story. I have found when I am in one of these conversations that I simply alter my reaction to their stories. I ask different questions to add variety to what aspects they may tell me or to broach a topic they enjoy talking about. This has taught me that a nurse in this field must retain a strong patience with their residents in other to meet the needs of them, and to create a comfortable environment for both parties. It has also caused me to see just how comfortable you must be with talking to people, and how communicative skills are mandatory for properly doing this job.
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