Essay The Importance Of A Nurse Is Competent?

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In 2012, the Department of Health introduced the concept of Compassionate care to nursing (Department of health 2012). This concept includes the 6C’s of nursing: care, compassion, competence, communication, commitment and courage (National Health Services England 2012). This assignment will focus on the importance of competence in nursing. Competence in nursing, from a professional perspective, is having the knowledge and skills to carry out a job and being capable of delivering high quality care based on evidence and research (NHS commissioning board, 2012). Competence in nursing, from a patient’s perspective, is being caring, a companion throughout the treatment and being trustworthy (Halldorsdottir and Hamrin 1997). These too definitions differ from each other. This assignment will focus on these two different perspectives that define competence. Are patients qualified to decide if a nurse is competent? Does it matter if the nurse is competent by professional standards if the patient feels they have had a competent experience? Finally the focus will turn to the regulations in place to make sure that all nurses registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) are carrying out competent, up to date care.

Is competence a way of behaving or is it emotional and technical ability combined (Bartlett et al, 2000). From the patient’s perspective, the way a nurse behaves is their only indicator for competence. From the professions perspective, emotional and technical…

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