The Importance Of A Hero 's Skills Essay

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The Importance of a Hero’s Skills in Their Journey
The strength of the traditional Greek hero Heracles is widely known and distinct from the skills (riddle-solving, planning, and stealth) of Bilbo Baggins, the protagonist from The Hobbit, who was both a non-traditional and traditional hero. However, these abilities, though they differ, were all significant in overcoming the perils and hurdles that the heroes encountered during their journey. The skills of all types of heroes (traditional, non traditional, or both) can be crucial for overcoming adversaries and obstacles in that hero’s journey.
An essential skill that Bilbo Baggins possessed was stealth: the ability to walk silently, as well as invisibility. Stealth was necessary for Bilbo’s journey, because he was recruited into the Company as a burglar, someone who had to move unseen and unheard. Bilbo’s ability to walk silently was a skill all hobbits possessed: “…at any rate hobbits can move quietly in the woods, absolutely quietly...” (Tolkien 41). This skill came in use when he was sent to spy on the trolls’ campfire (Tolkien 41-43). On the other hand, invisibility wasn’t a natural skill that hobbits possessed. Bilbo acquired the power of invisibility during his journey, when he found a magical ring (Tolkien 81). The ring was used during Bilbo’s encounter with Gollum, when he escaped with the aid of invisibility. Invisibility and stealth also proved beneficial when Bilbo was able to assist Thorin and Company numerous…

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