The Importance Of A Good Parent Isn 't About Buying Your Children Expensive Fancy Toys

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eing a good parent isn 't about buying your children expensive fancy toys, but about caring enough to create small memories along the way. Something as simple as waking up to a box of dozen donuts when I was young, created a tradition that lasted a lifetime. My stepfather was an emergency room physician who often worked the night shift at Redding Medical Center. His shift was typically 12 hours and I can only imagine how exhausted he would 've been after a night of attempting to save trauma patients. However, I don 't recall a single morning after one of his night shifts that didn 't involve a dozen freshly made Winchells donuts. Although overlooked at the time, the simple act of him bringing donuts home helped me understand that there were many ways that he tried to express that he cared. The memory of this small gesture and how it made me feel, is still with me 20 years later and has truly helped shape my relationship with my stepfather.
I jumped out of bed as soon as my nose identified the sweet smell of what could only be a fresh box of donuts. I was groggy and still half asleep as I rushed out of my bedroom, stubbing my toe on the bedroom door. I uncontrollably mumbled, "fucking shit, get out the way you stupid door". As I walked into the kitchen, I opened the cardboard treasure chest, and found inside twelve perfectly crafted breakfast pastries. My face lit up with joy and a grinch like smile soon emerged. I quickly grabbed my favorites, a chocolate twist, an…

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