The Importance Of A English Teacher

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As a Catholic school principal it is my duty to ensure that the needs of students are considered and that if a need can be met, we will make every effort to do so. At our school, “Our Mission is to nurture and develop the spiritual, academic, social and emotional promise of each child in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church, rooted in Gospel values and led by the examples of the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ” (Saint Thomas More Cathedral School, n.d., para. 1). Therefore I see, “This life of Christ within me makes me who I am, and guides me do what I do. Based on this foundation, I believe that Christ is the reason for my school and I am drawn to follow His example by striving to find ways to educate His children with their …show more content…
The need for communication supports and justifies the hiring of a Spanish speaking teacher that can help us translate communications for and with parents and ultimately to help any ELL student to make a smooth transition into our school setting. From prayers to programs our Spanish speaking community needs to be included in our Catholic school. As we know, “ Teaching students what they already know and teaching them what they are yet incapable of learning are equally wasteful practices and may be harmful to motivations” (Walberg, 2015, p. 96) and we don’t want our ELL students to fall into that trap. They have been accepted into our school and it is now on us to help them to see that “Jesus is at the center and all who are a part of this educational community are invited to work and grow with Him while focusing on the Gospels to lead the way” (Adams, 2015).
In my commitment to supporting our ELL plan and my teachers, I will pursue professional development in-services with trained professionals to help the classroom teachers as they adjust to their changing student needs focusing on the area of English Language Learners. I want to be a “ Great school leader” who “creates nurturing school environments
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We will seek volunteers from our faith community that could take on some of our students in a mentor, mentee type format. We will work with our parish bulletin sponsors to see if we can set up service hours exchange programs with them where students can give of their time and gain experience in a trade or business at the same time. Service projects are a rewarding way that our students could be provided vocational educational opportunities and support the faith community. Students should be “allowed to pursue projects that encourage them to develop their creative thinking” (Sternberg & Lubart, 2015, p. 140) and service projects would benefit that belief as well. Finally, starting with our younger students, we will pursue the addition of a Jr. Achievement program at our school to help expose student to possibilities in their future and help them connect with community

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