Mi Amigo Luis Research Paper

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Mi Amigo Luis: Learning English in America Luis Camacho majoring in civil engineering at Saint Martin’s University. He was selected as one of ten for the Benedictine Scholarship program at this University. It is not uncommon to spot Luis roaming down the halls of any dorm on campus singing and strumming his guitar. Welcoming to anyone, Luis’ spirit boomerangs off the walls. With energy and excitement there is never a quiet time with Luis. He is also one of my closest friends. In my process of learning to speak Spanish, Luis has been encouraging and understanding to my learning process. I believe this attitude of supportive teaching stems from his own experience with learning a foreign language. I have come to realize exactly how much of an astounding person Luis Camacho is, after conversing with him about his experience of learning English in America. …show more content…
Middle school is difficult enough to navigate, but with the added pressure of a foreign language, school can become stressful and confusing. Through the end of sixth grade and through the following summer, Luis did not even care to learn English. He lived in an area with a high Latino population, and his parents only spoke Spanish; the need to learn English did no present itself. Even while in school, perhaps because he came in during the middle of the year, no one cared if he learned anything. If assignments were not completed, it was viewed as okay because he did not know English anyway. This passive negligence through the lens of Kubota’s insights on perspectives of Latino education, racism was a prevalent aspect of Luis’ sixth-grade year. “Discussing [these] aspects of education for Latina/o schoolchildren, including ELLs, as manifestations of racism is meant to call attention to the inequity experienced by these students in

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