The Importance Of A Central Database Containing Records Of All Children

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The Government’s response to the Victoria Climbie iquiry was the Keeping children safe report and the Every Child Matters green paper. A total of 108 recommendations were made to overhaul child protection in the UK, it covers England and Wales in separate sections.

The main points that emerged were:
• The post of Children 's Commissioner for England was created.
• A duty was placed on local authorities to appoint a director of children’s services and an elected lead member for children’s services, who is ultimately accountable for the delivery of services.
• A duty is placed on local authorities and their partners (including the police, health service providers and the youth justice system) to co-operate in promoting the wellbeing of children and young people and to make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. There should be a central database containing records of all children and whether they are known to different services.
• Local Safeguarding Children Boards (replacing the non-statutory Area Child Protection Committees) were created and given functions of investigation and review (sections 13 and 14), which they use to review all child deaths in their area
• The legislation on physical punishment (section 58) was updated by limiting the use of the defense of reasonable punishment so that it can no longer be used when people are charged with the offences against a child of wounding, actual or grievous bodily harm or cruelty. Therefore any…

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