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Diets: Balanced and Nutritious
Americans are realizing that there is an obesity problem. Many Americans have learned that if they cut back on the number of calories, they can lose weight. Little do they know, it isn’t just about calories. Calories are an amount of energy in food.
There are good calories and wasted calories. Good calories are calories that the body can get energy from easily. The body uses all of the nutrients in the food, and energy is provided for the body. Wasted, or empty calories are calories that are filled with extra additives that the body doesn’t need. This usually refers to junk food.
When cutting calories, it is important for Americans to fill their diets with food that will provide their body with energy. The body
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Fruits and vegetables are on this level. Vegetables are super healthy and provide American’s with the chance to eat as much as they want. Vegetables are filler foods. They are very low in calories, but filled with tons of vitamins and nutrients. Each day a person should get at least 3-5 servings of vegetables. A serving of vegetables is ½ cup. Fruits are also very good for the body. Fruits have natural sugars, and they can be used to satisfy a sweet tooth. Fruits contain vitamins and minerals that are essential to the bodies health. The average person is to consume two to four servings of fruit per day. A serving is ½ a cup a fruit. Fruits and vegetables are important to a healthy diet. They are natural and do not have unhealthy additives.
Protein is the next level on the pyramid to a healthy balanced diet. This is an essential level to the food pyramid that some people do not correctly recognize. If some American choses to be vegetarian, that is fine. In the category of protein, there is meat but also eggs, beans, and peanut butter. There are alternatives to having meat. This level is important for zinc and iron. All of the vitamins listed play an important part in the body. They all help the body

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