American Revolution DBQ Essay

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When the United States had their backs on the wall, they depended on military protection to keep them from falling apart. Some say the American Revolution would be unsuccessful without the great leaders. Leaders have all the fame, but those young patriotic kids are forgotten. The leaders themselves could not do anything without committed soldiers. These brave men chose to protect their country, even though they had no experience with war-like encounters. Without them, who knows if there would be the United States of America today. The way soldiers were affected by the American Revolution through the experiences they encountered, the changes in their lives, and the impact founding documents had on them after the war shows why the American Revolution was not revolutionary for the continental soldiers. The soldiers of the Continental Army had a vast majority of young men. There were still some older men who joined. The Continental Army usually recruited the younger men because it was easier to persuade them to join the forces. These men came for various amount of reasons. Some came just for the …show more content…
There are valid points that would make this statement true. Many positive factors came from the Americans beating the British Army. The facts are that everyone was positively influenced, in the colonies, by this Revolution except the men who fought for it. These teenagers went into war expecting to become wealthier, but they came out poverty-stricken matured men. They experienced things they did not ever want to, their lives were changed forever, and they realised how much the colonies really respected them. These men realised that the American Revolution they once thought would bring them so much greatness was actually bringing nothing at all. The American Revolution was not revolutionary for the soldiers in the Continental

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