The Impact Of Technology On The Cell Phone Essay

1292 Words Oct 14th, 2015 null Page
Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the internet on the mobile phone is getting closer and closer to people’s lives. And the functions of phones are changed from the simple call and message to wireless internet and video call, but the smart phone also brings some negative effects to people. Like Steve Cutts’s graphic art showed that a lot of people like walking dead people are playing their phones on the street, and they are back to the sun and walk to the darkness. It emblems that smart phone are bad to people and people are easily addicted by the phone. In fact, it is not mean that use or have a smart phone will make people becoming walking dead people, the smart phone is a progress of science and technology. It lets people felt convenience and splendidness. Only overmuch playing phone will bring negative effects to people, and it concentrate in a specific group. Everything has two parts, Steve Cutts’s graphic art just showed the negative prat of the mobile phone, it has limitation and biased thinking. Actually, mobile phone is not completely bad for people, it is a progress of science and technology. First, the invention of the mobile phone brought great convenience to our life. Even we are far from each other, a telephone can be connected to each other at anywhere and anytime. This is the original orientation to the phone, which is giving people convenience. As time goes by, with the development of the internet, it not only can use the computer, it…

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