Essay about The Impact Of Technology On Our Society

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Technology is a part of the evolution of humans, without technology our society would be the same as it was a decade ago. Although some people believe that technology is taking over our society it is honestly just giving us a new way of being distracted. Our brain is like a toolbox, as we get a new form of technology it is like adding a new tool to our toolbox. When we get new technology that is dramatic it produces a new kind of human being. Just because we as a society is connected to technology does not mean that we cannot become disconnected just as easily. Although we as a human race are getting more technology advanced, we as a human race can also control our addiction to technology just as easily. Have you ever used a hammer? Everybody knows that a hammer is used for smashing things, but how does it smash things? You just think of what you want smashed and the hammer picks itself up and does the job for you? Well first off your wrong if you thought that, but second off no, it does not pick it self up and do that. You must physically pick the hammer up and use your own strength to make the hammer do it 's job. In the book Hamlet 's Blackberry William powers says “Whenever a new connective device is added to the toolbox, it extends another part of us outward.” The way he uses the toolbox as a metaphor, makes me completely understand what he is trying to say. Just like with the hammer that I was talking about earlier in the paragraph in order for it to have power you…

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