Essay The Impact Of Technology On Our Lives

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A few years ago, I was driving on the freeway alongside a man that was talking on his cell phone. Not only is this illegal, but it is also very dangerous, and I knew this. I safely changed lanes to avoid him while he was talking on the phone. A few minutes later, the car had hit another car while drifting into another lane. Whether this accident was fatal or not, I do not know. However, this accident was dangerous to many people on the freeway and could have been avoided. Our generation has felt a huge impact from technology in our daily lives, with both positive and negative effects. It can help by allowing us to have access to information whenever needed, which improves efficiency and aids in the immediacy of information. The negatives of technology, devices such as computers, cell phones, and iPads, as well as the invention of the internet, far outweigh the potential for benefit. We are often too distracted by our devices, that we miss out on personal interactions. Technology changes the way we communicate by making us electronically connected rather than personally connected. The immediacy of information, as well as the efficiency of the information provided, has shaped the ways our minds work over the last few decades. Technology is an invention that plays a huge role in the foundation of our thoughts and thought processes. Simply by the strokes of a keyboard, one has access to the entirety of information known to man. This type of efficiency may seem…

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