The Impact Of Technology In Human Resource Management

Human resource departments are undergoing drastic changes over the next year. Company executives report several changing ideals about how they view HR technology. Firms’ confidence in outsourced software is increasing. More HR executives are beginning to see the value in using talent management software. Social media and mobile technology are permeating human resource operations. While HR departments exploit the power of big data analytics, software vendors work to make their programs more user-friendly. Though technology is making major inroads as a human resource tool, these programs still offer many more opportunities for HR departments.

The Numbers Tell the Tale

Technology is rapidly changing human resource operations. Confident that
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Organizations with less than 10,000 employees lean towards this trend strongly, with 34 percent SaaS adoption among them. 28 percent of these organizations use legacy systems combined with SaaS platforms. Larger organizations still view security and deployment as sticking points to SaaS implementation. Overall, all organizations are slowly accepted outsourced solutions as a viable alternative. Human resource departments at firms around the world are adopting new technology for several key functions.

More Firms Will Adopt Technology to Manage Talent

The most significant human resource software innovation is in human capital management. Most firms plan to upgrade the system they use to track employee performance over the next three years. Among those firms, half seek a solution that integrates with their enterprise legacy system. New advancements in this area have increased the demand for talent management software. With integration, employers can now compare labor needs to their talent pool to identify skill set shortages. The programs offer many improved features that firms view as a viable tradeoff to customized solutions.

Enterprises Will Increase Mobile HR
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The department heads use the platforms such as to LinkedIn to recruit employees, Yammer for internal social networking and SharePoint for employee collaboration. Social media is a growing force for globally dispersed organizations. Yet, firms are just beginning to harness social media as a business tool. Conversely (As an aside), most contemporary job candidates research potential employers using social media.

Big Data Analytics Will Continue to Proliferate

Enterprises are increasingly adopting big data analytic technology, which allows firms to find hidden resources and opportunities among abundant data repositories. Over half of small organizations exploit big data analytics compared to 80 percent of large organizations. The firms use big data analytics to amalgamate information mined from their entire enterprise. On average, only around 35 percent of enterprises continue to use manual analysis and reporting practices. Among human resource departments, big data technology is still evolving. Only 20 percent of organizations use custom-built, in-house solutions.

Technology Vendors Are Improving the Business User

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