The Impact Of Small Town Of Shenandoah Iowa Essay

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My paper will explain in detail the demographics of the small town of Shenandoah Iowa, which is located in Page County at the southwest corner of the state. I will administer a school program that will be effective in establishing a strong foothold in the school throughout the year, and even in the summer. I will also cover the school entry vehicle I will use in Shenandoah High School. The school entry vehicle will be both informative and useful and generate leads that will lead to enlistments in the Iowa Army National Guard. All this will be logged, tracked, and updated within Leader Zone.
I have five counties in my area of operation, the county I will be talking about is Page County. Page County is located at the South West Conner of the State of Iowa. The County is sparsely populated with farms all across the county, it is rural Iowa. The town where my school is located in is called Shenandoah. Shenandoah has a total population of 5,150 according to the most recent census data. White residents are the majority of the populace at (4,964/96.4%), Native American (103/0.2%), Asian descent (257/0.5%), African American (154/0.3%), Hispanic (206/4%) and (00.00%) of that being of military age (16-35) and with a veteran population of (537/11%). Shenandoah is not a diverse area of ethnicities, but Shenandoah has a proud heritage and values and is still important to be able to understand the culture of the area and be comfortable speaking to people in the community that…

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