The Impact of Globalisation - Ikea Essay

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The Impact of Globalisation
Definition of Globalisation
Globalisation is the process by which organisations or businesses start operations on an international scale by committing facilities and resources in foreign countries.
The International Monetary Fund, (IMF) continues to believe that this will lead to global convergence through aspects of trade and transactions, capital and investment movements, migration and the movement of people and dissemination of knowledge.
Mission Statement - “to create a better everyday life for the many”.
Focus Areas & Goals:-
Children: IKEA believe that children are the most important people in the world. By supporting their local communities, they hope to assist in children to achieve
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During the decade that follows, his business goes from strength to strength with significant dates being as follows, * 1951 - IKEA catalogue is launched * 1953 – First showroom is opened in Almhult, Sweden. * 1956 – Invention of flat pack/self-assembling furniture is introduced. * 1958 – IKEA store opened in Sweden. * 1959 – 100th member of staff joins the company. * 1960 – 1s IKEA restaurant opens in Sweden
During the 50 years that follow, IKEA continues to expand its footprint, products and ideas throughout Scandinavia and the wider world to become the global brand that we know today.
As of 2011, it is reported that Ingvar Kamprad and his family are estimated to be worth $6 billion!
Last year, the IKEA group reported sales of Euro 24.7 billion with total revenue of Euro 25.2 billion! The IKEA group now employees around of 131,000 employees across 38 countries with 338 stores. IKEA is a true MNC whereby different sites act as separate profit centres across the organisation. ( (2012). About IKEA, The IKEA Way)
We can see that IKEA operate in the Triad, BRIC and South East Asia Tigers.
Advertising & Marketing
IKEA are constantly improving their products and services to ensure that their concepts of design + functionality + low price keep them unique in the market. These concepts are used to assist in their

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