Essay on The Impact Of Germany On A Greener Environment

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Germany has brought forth a proposal to ban the sale of all internal combustion vehicles by the year 2030. This is a major arrangement concerning the world as an entirety. If this would to pass through the legislation, then Germany would be looking towards an electric future and virtually no carbon monoxide emissions. This would not only cause the decrease in the carbon footprint but a major hit to the oil industries and even the car companies. Germany wouldn’t be the only country to implement this law. It is most likely that all of Europe would follow in the same footsteps towards a greener environment. A world with little to no carbon monoxide penetrating the ozone layer sounds like a wonderful idea. One of the problems is that you don’t have to just switch the cars over to electricity, the power plants that make the electricity have to use clean energy as well. According to Christopher Helman at Forbes Magazine, “coal powered electrical plants are producing nearly 8 times the amount as all wind and solar combined in the U.S.” For a country to go completely green, it would need a vast increase in natural gas plants along with solar. It could be manageable for a while, but it’s harder to increase wind and solar energy when you already used up the sunniest and windiest spots around. To increase the amount of electricity generated, you would have to put more and more solar panels, or wind turbines, in an area to generate the same amount of electricity in a windy or sunny…

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