The Impact Of Deforestation On Animals And The Environment

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Throughout the world, people are taking up more and more space. They are using forests as land to breakdown, and create more space for their own needs. Deforestation causes many drawbacks in the environment. The effects that this has on animals and the environment is creating a huge impact.

The impact of deforestation

According to a Yale study “Trees are disappearing fast. Around 15 billion are lost every year due to deforestation” (Bolton, 2015 para.6). The earth lives on a natural cycle. The environment is balanced and all organisms work together to create life cycles, and habitats. That is, before humans started using trees as resources and forest land as their own. The process of deforestation is ruining
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As more people are wanting palm oil for their needs, that means that people needed to find land for mass production. Forests are being chosen and are being stripped away due to the demand of palm oil. This is causing animals and plants to lose their homes. Knohl, a professor in bioclimatology states that changing land from forest to palm oil plantations impacts biodiversity, stored carbon, and warms the earth's surface, which adds to climate change (Deforestation Linked to palm oil Production, 2017, para.3). Deforestation has a domino effect on other factors in the forests. Deforestation causes a percentage of climate change, this changes animals homes and the way they live …show more content…
1). As people need space to grow crops, they look for forests to chop down to create an open land, the results is a decrease of trees. The encyclopedia of science states that slash-and-burn often permanently converts the tropical rain forest into farmland, which leads to severe environmental problems” (Slash and burn Agriculture, 2015, para. 2). Along with the fact that it loses land for the environment, but it also causes more problems such as carbon

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