The Impact Of Computers On The Education System Essay

1423 Words Dec 20th, 2016 6 Pages
Miguel Huerta
Anth 231
Dr. Pitchon

Scenario #3 (Needs Assessment)

Identifying Need
In 1985, with the introduction of computers in schools, the ratio of students to computers was 63:1(Kress 2011). Today, approximately ninety-nine percent of the schools in the country have access to the internet, and the ratio of student-to-computer has greatly decreased to 4:1(Kress 2011). Computer use has become an increasingly vital part of academia. Computers have become integrated into the learning process in academic institutions. These devices have increasingly become more and more important not only to the professors and staff, but they are becoming crucial for student’s success. Most university require the access to computers in order to perform academic task, assignments, and are widely used for note taking in classrooms across the United States. Because of their importance, it is crucial to understand the impact computers have on the education process at the university level in the classrooms. Are computers used to supplement their education or as a means of distraction? The aim of this assessment is to inform the public and education institutions on how personal computers affect students’ learning process and how these devices are used in the classroom. It is important to analyze these devices in order to have a better understanding how these devices affect the learning process and how to better regulate when not used as an aid and effectively use these devices inside…

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