The Impact Of Computer Technology On Our Society Essay

1532 Words Sep 18th, 2015 null Page
One of the most important cultural changes in our society, is the invention and development of computers. Computers have changed the way we live everyday and has turned our culture into the culture of technology. Computers show human development and change in our society and have shown how far we’ve come in the field of technology. Because of computers, we are able to shop for a wide variety of objects, take online classes for school, and basically have the access to almost everything we want. Computers represent a positive change and development in our culture and is our biggest achievement in modern time because with them, we have made the biggest progress in science, production, and everyday life. The evolution of computer technology has been the driving force behind our modern world. Society’s biggest change within the past thirty years has been the development of computers and how they have changed to fit our everyday needs. Everyone in our life today have either used or will use computer technology in their lifetime, which is a significant change from the way life used to be before the public was introduced to the internet on August 6th, 1991 (Bryant). Before the internet, computers were used more for lab testing, engineering, or programming, and before that, computers weren’t really used by people all too often. Personal computers became the product of the future in the 1980s and was a popular consumer item at the time with high demand for the new technology.…

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