America As A Global Superpower Essay

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Is the United States a global superpower today? The answer is yes. It is said that American culture rules the world. What is culture and why is it important to nations? The culture defines the nation, its history, and its people. America’s dominance and power over the world has significantly influenced many nations such as the British culture. How does America impact the British culture though? Just the phrase ‘the Americanization of Britain’ shows the influence of American culture on British culture. Lastly, there is a notable impact in many sectors such as language, music, media, films, festivals and holidays, food etc.
To start with, culture is the sum of shared products of society, material as well as nonmaterial (Robertson I.). Culture describes a set of traditions, ideas and social behavior of a group of people in a society. It is important because it characterizes the evolutionary existence as it provides people with the knowledge of their ancestral values and gives us the very meaning of life. The American culture is a varied, remarkable melting pot, commenced by the rapid European annexation of enormous territories sparsely inhabited by assorted indigenous peoples (Cismas, S.C.). But how the American culture impacts the global framework? The answer is simple:
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"As American as apple pie" has come to mean something to British culture that is authentically American. There is not any doubt that America, the world leader, affects the British culture. However, despite the impact and the similarities, the British culture, as other cultures, is unique and differs from American as it was not fully shaped from the USA. The British culture has its own history and is developing through the years in a way to protect its identity and people. To sum up, the United States as a superpower due to geographical advantages, multiculturalism and globalization will always have a cultural impact on British culture to a small or some

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