Essay about The Impact Of Advertising On Our Lives

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When I was in high school, I had entertained the idea of advertising; the idea of finding innovative ways to influence someone’s interests in a specific product was intriguing. I have a very creative mindset, and felt that I could generate new and exciting advertisements. Although my interests shifted to military service, I was still fascinated by how advertisements guided our daily norms, ideal perceptions, and notions about what we wanted, or thought we needed. As I began to pursue my degree in sociology I began seeing the subtle ways advertisements shaped our daily lives. I saw, what people thought were their own ideas, that companies guided social norms.
In the 1980’s and 90’s video games, and movies became the voices in children’s heads telling them what type of cereal, makeup, and clothing they should buy. As technology became more readily available, advertising could reach more people. I noticed the shift from product advertisements on television to in app advertisements. This was hand-in-hand with the advent of smartphones, and social media. Most advertisements were for other games or products of the sponsors.
Recently, I noticed the “viral’ movement of videos, memes, vines, and viral marketing. Unlike traditional viral marketing, where one utilized an existing media platform to market a specific product, I began to notice the unintentional marketing of unrelated products, and services with connection to a viral game: Pokémon Go. There have been many research…

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