The Immigration Problem Of The United States Essay

1172 Words Nov 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
In the Unites States there are about 11 million illegal immigrants from the times of 2010-2014. These people are more often than not, robbed of their humanity, dignity, and well-being just to be in the States. They risk more than themselves when they either cross the border or over stay their American visa. They risk their families and their bloodline just for a piece of freedom. These people are here to live a better life than the one they left, which sounds very similar on how the United States started itself. This country should be a safe haven to the hatred and chaos in the world, but it seems to be causing a lot of the problems that are forcing people to leave their homes. In response to the people flocking to the States, the borders have tighter security. They exploit people and then keep them vulnerable to be forced out at any time. The immigration problem is bigger than we really think it is. We are told that the immigrants are taking our jobs, we should build a wall, and they don’t pay taxes. We are also told, that immigrants are not like us, they are monsters that should not be addressed. In this society, people are dehumanizing others and furthering the problem of criminalizing non-whites. In the immigration realm, there is a stigma that all immigrants are from Mexico, when indeed they are not. Out of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, 432,00 of them are from Europe/Canada/Oceania; they are not talked about because they are not people of…

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