Illegal Immigration Argument Essay

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A controversial topic in today’s modern American society is illegal immigration. Many Americans today feel that illegal immigration is a threat to the United States and that it should be stopped. However, this is not the best course of action to take. Many of these illegal immigrants are fleeing their home countries due to violence and the ones that are already here have already been incorporated into our society. Many of these fears that Americans have towards illegal immigration are unfounded and untrue. Therefore, America should help out these countries that have extreme violence and create a more simplistic path for citizenship for these illegal immigrants.
In a recent poll, many Americans felt that illegal immigrants were hurting the American
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beliefs and customs. However, both the idea that illegal immigration hurts the American economy and/or culture are untrue and are not based on reality. As the biggest appeal about the American culture is its diversity. Furthermore, America was built by immigrants from all over the world and without them America would not be the same. The other concern, that illegal immigrants have a negative effect on the U.S economy. At an average of about 63% of Americans firmly believing that illegal immigration is a burden on the United States economy. Many Americans believe that if illegal immigrants were gone wages for the average worker would go up because of the decreased competition for work. Yet, this is not true as is proved by numerous studies. Illegal immigrants have very little to no effect on the average wage in America or even the economy.. (nr) Moreover, many of these illegal immigrants take the jobs, such agriculture and meat packaging, that many Americans find …show more content…
to their country of origin. Not only is this highly immoral but it is also extremely impractical as well. Many of these illegal immigrants have made families over in the United States, in fact research shows that approximately 7% of all school age kids have at least one illegal parent. (pew) It will be heart breaking to say the least, if the United States were too separate these familial bonds. On top of this deporting all of the illegal immigrants currently residing here in the U.S. would be cost 11.3 billion dollars to deport all of the illegal immigrants living inside the United States. This is an extremely large sum of money that could be used elsewhere with better results. On top of this it would be a statistical nightmare to find each and every illegal immigrant due to the sheer size of the illegal immigrant population living in the U.S. (Nk) Therefore, it would be better and cheaper to provide a path of citizenship for these illegal immigrants. To do this we would need to pass legislature in the U.S. government that would create a way for current illegal immigrants, as well as incoming immigrants to secure a U.S. citizenship. Doing this would cost less as there would be diminished deportation, and there will be no need for an extensive search because illegal immigrants would openly come to find citizenship rather than hide from

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