Illegal Immigration Effects On Latin America

A controversial topic in today’s modern American society is illegal immigration. Many Americans today feel that illegal immigration is a threat to the United States and that it should be stopped. However, this is not the best course of action to take. Many of these illegal immigrants are fleeing their home countries due to violence and the ones that are already here have already been incorporated into our society. Many of these fears that Americans have towards illegal immigration are unfounded and untrue. Therefore, America should help out these countries that have extreme violence and create a more simplistic path for citizenship for these illegal immigrants.
In a recent poll, many Americans felt that illegal immigrants were hurting the American
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This fear is fed by the media and by the sheer magnitude of illegal immigrants in the nation. As the United States housed 11.3 million illegal immigrants, making up approximately 3.5% of the nation 's population for the past five years. (pew) As of today the United States has been focusing on either deporting the illegal immigrants and increasing border security on the Mexican/United States border or simplifying the immigration process. However, both of these methods only deal with the effect rather than the cause of the issue. The root cause of the United States’ large population of illegal Latino immigrants is because Latin America is in a state of turmoil. For instance, ⅖ of all murders, occur in Latin America each year despite the fact that Latin America holds only 8% of the world population. Latin America has 41 of the top 50 cities for murder, and accounts for 60% of all kidnappings worldwide. (ca) Latin America is dangerous to say the least. This is what is causing so many Latinos to flee to America, whether illegally or not. Most of these immigrants simply want the safety that Americans take for granted they want to be able to not fear for their life or for their family’s life. Thus, there will continue to be illegal immigrants coming in large numbers from Latin America. The only way to decrease the number of illegal immigrants from …show more content…
One study shows that in Mexico alone ~48,000 people were murdered and more 5,000 people have disappeared in drug related incidents. (cn) These statistics are a small taste of the negative effects the drug cartels have on Latin America. Latin America has been attempting to rid itself of these drug cartels however, this has resulted in little to no progress. As this war against the cartels strains Latin America’s already strained and insufficient resources. If the United States supplied weapons and funding that the Latin Nations it would greatly increase Latin America’s ability to fight the cartels. With the increased weapons the Latin Nations can better arm the soldiers and police fighting the cartels. Resulting in fewer deaths on the government 's side as the officers would be able to better protect themselves and civilians. The funds provided by America would grant the nations the ability to keep the maintain or increase their number of personal, an important factor as officials are needed in the fight against the cartels as well as to maintain the general peace. Funds would also allow the Latin nations to create programs aimed to improving the Latin Nation’s condition. However the U.S. can not give out these funds blindly. It needs to ensure that these funds support non corrupt governments as well monitoring governments on how the funds are spent to make sure that they are being put

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