The Iliad By Homer, The Fate Of Fate Essay

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In The Iliad by Homer, the fate of the mortals is affected by the god’s interference in the war. Homer does not make it clear whether man or gods are in control of fate. The mortals’ decisions may affect their fate,but on the other hand, the gods change the fate of the war by giving bits of wisdom to the mortals to make decisions and help to protect people who are in danger. Though mortals can make decisions that alter fate, the gods uphold the idea that fate is inevitable in a mortal 's life and even though the immortals realize that each mortal has a specific fate, they still intervene in the battle to help certain people by sending muses and inspirations and protecting mortals from dying. The rest of fate is dependent on human free will despite of the fact that some of their decisions were greatly influenced by the gods.…

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