The Iliad And The Movie Troy Analysis

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From the story The Iliad and the movie Troy, which character do you admire more, Achilles or Hector? Provide substantial textual and visual evidence from the text and from the movie explaining your answer.

From The Iliad, to the movie Troy, the audience is offered the opportunity to compare heroic fighters, Achilles and Hector. Although both great fighters from each kingdom, it is notable that Hector comes to make far more noble actions than Achilles through both the book and the movie. Throughout the two tales, it’s present that Achilles fights for self honor while Hector fights for his country; Hector takes courageous actions, unlike Achilles; and Hector forgives others, while Achilles tends to hold grudges.

Throughout both tales, Achilles is more selfish and fights for self glory while Hector fights for his country. At the beginning of the movie Troy, Achilles helps the Greek army by killing the strongest man of the Trojan army. While he is leaving the battlefield, the Trojan leader tells Achilles that he is a noble man in fighting for his king. Achilles responds
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The situation that becomes present to both characters are somewhat parallel and similar in case of event. In both tales, it is shown that Paris steals Menelaus wife, Helen, and takes her with him to Troy. Hector forgives his brother for what he did, although this led to Hector 's death. Parallel to this incident, Agamemnon takes Achilles’ slave girl in order to arouse Achilles and to force him to fight in the war.This enraged Achilles just as much as Paris enraged Hector when he took Helen of Troy. Unlike Hector, Achilles never truly forgives Agamemnon for his actions, and never gets over what he did. Achilles tends to hold grudges through the movie Troy, and the book The Iliad. Hector, on the other side, doesn 't tend to hold grudges, and is very humble in forgiving his enemies and

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