The Iliad And Salammbo Written By Flaubert Essay

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The Iliad translated by Robert Fagles, and Salammbo written by Flaubert, uses the main protagonists to depict messages about war, love, and women. Achilles is the main character in The Iliad and Salammbo is the main charter in Salammbo. Both of these characters were comparative in their qualities and interesting in their own particular manners. Both books examine the impacts of war and actions that elevate the characters to go to war. Both works show the extreme level of what people would do for their loved ones even if it is going to war to protect them. The Iliad and Salammbo illustrates the subject of death and its effect. The epic poem The Iliad, occurred in the city of Troy during the Trojan War, while Salammbo took place during the Punic War. The characteristics and techniques of war, the role of women and the main characters in The Iliad and Salammbo differed, but their relationships with their companions, friends and family were comparable through both writings.
The setting of The Iliad occurred in the city of Troy, where the Achaeans and Trojans are at war. Achilles who is a strong warrior for the Achaeans in The Iliad allows his rage to overcome him, causing the Achaeans countless losses because he would not fight for them. He is wise, skilled, an intelligent fighter, and a murderer (The Iliad I.1-4). In Salammbo, the main character Salammbo is bold, attractive and beautiful. While Achilles shows that he is a strong fighter and does everything to win the war,…

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