Essay on The Ignorance Of Learning Styles

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Recognizing the learning fashion of each individual is something Richard Felder -a Professor at North Carolina State University- encourages when he states that “students have different strengths and preferences in the ways they take in and process information” (Felder 72). Accordingly, the teaching method used to increase knowledge must directly correlate with the learning style if the information wants to be consumed. The majority of professors and teachers only focus on one specific style of learning; however, the fact is there are multiple approaches to consuming knowledge that need to be utilized. The ignorance of learning styles leaves many individuals lost because they are not using the education approach that is diametrically parallel with them. It is imperative for students and instructors to be equally motivated to implement all teaching styles if they want to effectively consume knowledge.
Although learning styles are vital in the learning process, many students are still unaware of the options available. For instance, some individuals find it easier to learn by listening and writing down the information, this is known as auditory learning. Linguistic learners not only take notes, but also employ verbal and communication skills to memorize material. While writing assists in the auditory and linguistic learning styles, it does not help learners who use the spatial method of learning who need to visually see all the elements. Inversely, kinesthetic learners must…

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