The Icu Nurse Patient Ratio Essay

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Intensive Care Unit Observation
The ICU nurse’s daily tasks differ from those in other nursing units. The ICU nurse-patient ratio is 1:1 and sometimes 1:2 or 1:3. Their daily tasks are focused on the improvement of their patient. The ability to think critically is extremely important as an ICU nurse in order to recognize problems that may arise during the patient’s stay and be able to effectively implement these solutions for the best possible outcome. ICU nurses are more proactive compared to the other nurse from other units. They constantly check and interpret lab values and find ways to correct any abnormal ones. They order ABG’s CBC’s, and other labs to pinpoint problems based on the abnormalities they see physically on the patient. ICU nurses are more organized and they do frequent assessments to catch any alterations in physiology and body systems that may be fatal. The ICU and ither nursing units use the same electronic charting program, but the ICU nurses chart on their patient’s more frequently than the other nurses do in other units based on the condition of the patient and level of care warranted. Their tasks are physically and intellectually stimulating and very challenging, which is why I have so much regard of the job they do. The tasks are very fast-paced especially when there’s abnormalities in labs or body systems leading to deterioration of the patient. They collaborate with their care team and help each other find solutions for their patients.
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