The Human Resources Management Department Essay

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When you think of a business often times you think of those who do the work that you can actually see when you walk into a business. However, one main aspect of a company is the Human Resources Department formally known as the Personnel Department. While many people think of these departments as just a name change it is a much bigger difference than you may know. There is a huge difference when it comes to the treatment of manpower. There is also a difference in how the department is ran and its function.

Personnel Management is the traditional name for what we know now as the Human Resources Management department. While the two departments are very similar, there are definitely many differences when it comes to PM and HRM. “The aspect of management that is concerned with the work force and their relationship with the entity is known as Personnel Management.” (S). The branch of management that focuses on the most effective use of the manpower of an entity, to achieve the organizational goals is known as Human Resource Management. (S).

Human Resources Management is known as the more modern update to the traditional Personnel Management. When it comes to the functions of PM and HRM there is a huge difference. Bookkeeping and administrative duties is what the personnel department was known for. The PM department use to hand out employment applications, make sure they were filled out correctly, entered time keeping of payroll and made sure other administrative task were…

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