The Human Resources Department ( Hr ) Essay

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Assignment 2: Talent Management The Human Resources department (HR) remains dedicated in providing the company and the leadership with most effective talent. The HR team will promote exceptional employee relations, create avenues for company growth, recruit talent that produce superior products and keep abreast of the over all trends for the company’s industry, so excessive profit can be realized. The HR department received a survey examining multiple aspects of current and historic employee data from the senior management leaders. One of the outcomes of this survey was the formation of a typical employee profile. It was determined that a typical employee falls into one of two categories: the majority of employees are less than 35 years old with less than 5 years of work experience, or they are older than 60 years old and have over 30 years of work experience. Very few employees fall in between the two extremes. The company’s owners requested that the HR department developed a plan of action to address the unbalanced mix of employees and evaluate what are the possible affects it can have on the company. A report will be presented from the HR department to the owner and senior management introducing the planning stage of the following finding: how this scenario affects the organization, identifying why division may have occurred, with the two different scenarios that that may have led to this condition, plans to address the situation and policies that will be put into…

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