Essay on The Human Resource Professional Of Human Resources

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The last twenty-five years or so have seen much change, especially in human resources. We have gone from starting a job on a handshake to filling out ten to fifteen different forms just to start working. Many changes are poised to happen in the next decade, not the least of which will be changes in the Human Resources profession. Changes in the workplace and challenges to overcome will be the norm as well as presenting opportunities to solve new problems. There will be openings for a professional to prove him or herself in the rewarding field of human resources. As we entered the 21st century, there were already huge strides being made in the telecommuting and alternative scheduling workplaces. As we look toward the future, there are going to be even bigger changes in store.
The next decade is fraught with excitement – we are on the cusp of so many new things. The human resource professional of the future will have to be able to handle many complexities. Whether it’s helping an employee figure out their health insurance, advising the employee about EAP or giving them information for their performance review, the human resource position requires many skills.
Per the chart below from Challenges for Human Resource Management and Global Business Strategy, we see predictions for the future and the challenges that may face organizations. As we can see, the top challenges in the next five to ten years are expected to be people management, innovation and government…

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