Three Trends Impacting The Future Of Human Resources

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Chenise Wade
May 5, 2015
Three Trends Impacting the Future of HR

Human Resource Professionals have a lot to tackle these days trying to manage an ever evolving workplace. A multifarious, employment setting, and the strain to constantly “do more with less” are just some of the difficulties that HR workers face. HR workers particularly have to get a feel for work related trends that affect existing HR practices. Three major trends impacting the future of human resources are workplace flexibility, the use of technology, and the generation of creative benefits.
Positive Influence of Flexible Working
Improved connectivity and a need for a more efficient labor force has caused numerous companies to let their employees
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But as flexible working becomes more entrenched, we also need to think about how we adapt to its disadvantages as well as its advantages” (Dixon, 2014). Businesses with virtual personnel are challenged with conjuring up ideas on how to collaborate with teams through teleconference or webinars for exchanging ideas. However, special attention will have to be given to the budget with regards to setup, as it will differ business-to-business and by job tasks. Also, “Burnout can slow down productivity in the workplace, leaving employees susceptible to errors, moody behavior towards co-workers and interfere with their ability to concentrate on tasks” (Brookins, 2015).
Consequences of Not Adapting to Flexible Working
Traditional work environments are slowly fading away. If organizations want to avoid high turnover rates, increased tardiness or absences of their workers, then they need to do away with the traditional work culture and adapt. Flexibility gives employees leeway when their families are ill, for medical appointments, school related conferences, and the incalculable life and household duties where jobs compete.
Positive Influence of Creative
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By incorporating technology businesses can expect to reduce expenses and increase or perfect their services. Modern studies indicate that companies who effectively implement advanced HR equipment overtake those who don’t. According to HR professionals Johnson and Gueutal, the next five years technology can influence the “Growth of social networking, use of business intelligence and dashboards, continued growth of compliance and reporting requirements, and rent vs. buy decisions”

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