The Human Resource Management Teams Essay

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Managers and HR professionals have the extensive role of organising people so they can efficiently execute activities given to them, its the people in an organisation that perform the important activities.
The human resource management teams advocate how to strategically conduct people as business resources. This comprises of managing recruiting and employing employees and recommending employee practise and development strategies. In this way, HR professionals are consultants, not workers in an isolated business function; they advise managers on many issues related to employees and how they help the organisation achieve its goals. “It takes a systems maintenance or functionalist approach, viewing HRM as a mechanism for the attainment of organisational goals, and thus reflects concerns with improvement in efficiency that derive from classical management theory (Townley, 1993). It also tends to assume an individualistic (focuses in the individual employee as a unit) and unitarist (assumes singularity of purpose and goals) perspective of the employment relationship.” (Greenwood 2003)

An HRM team helps a business develop a competitive advantage, which involves building the capacity of the company so it can offer a unique set of goods or services to its customers.
SHRM emphasises the need for HR plans and strategies, to be formulated within the context of overall organisational strategies and objectives and to be responsive to the changing nature of the organisations…

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