The Household Circle Of India Essay

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The household circle in France and that of India display numerous similarities. However, it may be that such is the case in most countries where families are kept together. In India, distant relatives like grandparents and cousins either settle collectively or maintain a near distance if living separately. Indians are not as likely as Americans to relocate away from their families and, when it is economically possible, prefer to stay in the same geographic area. Though it seems that the French differentiate from that of my own culture due to that fact that they maintain relations with those of the enlarged household till the third or fourth generation. Also, on page 60 Au Contraire mentions that the extended kinsfolk gather together for a Sunday lunch. This is generally not seen in India as members of the lengthened household may reside adjacent to each other, but do not meet as often as the French. Nonetheless, as an Indian American, my society maintains most of the aspects of the Indian community and a little of the typical American culture.
The French concept of the state of a young adult is similar to my cultural structure due to the fact that the youth gravitate to stay nearby parents until marriage in order to remain under their watchful eye and to refrain from an involvement of morally disliked activities. Similarly, as mentioned on page 60 of the book Au Contraire, in France, children attend universities in close proximity to their homes and lean to disapprove of…

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